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Bisri Dam: The full file

January 26, 2017

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In progress
Nov 2019

A lawsuit for violating the sale of harvested trees in Marj Bisri

NNA November 18, 2019

Aug 2019

The World Bank and the «CDR» mislead the public: Bisri dam will not store the alleged quantities of water

Al Akhbar Newspaper August 24, 2019

Aug 2019

Bisri acquisitions: Different approaches in land pricing

Al Akhbar Newspaper August 06, 2019

Jun 2019

An eloquent argument for the campaign to preserve the Besri Valley: Corruption, scandals, and distortion of reports

Legal Agenda June 28, 2019

Jun 2019

They beat him and cut off his ear: details of the attack on Roland Nassour.. This is the scandal revealed!

Lebanon24 June 12, 2019

Mar 2019

A seismic fault threatens the Bisri dam and "CDR" responds: heresy!

Al Modon Website March 05, 2019

Jan 2017

Bisri Dam… An example of scientific corruption!

Green Area Website January 26, 2017