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Touch Building scandal

August 2, 2019

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Aug 2019

Touch building: subsidized loan not transferred to «Telecom»

Al Akhbar newspaper August 16, 2019

Aug 2019

The cost of building «Touch» on the state: 110 million dollars!

AL Akhbar newspaper August 14, 2019

Aug 2019

ليس بالصدفة تُركّب الصفقات

Al Akhbar newspaper August 14, 2019

Aug 2019

Choucair: Touch has become more famous than Burj Khalifa

Mulhak Website August 09, 2019

Aug 2019

Jamil al-Sayed from the Parliament demanded the formation of a parliamentary inquiry into the case of the "Touch"

LBC news August 08, 2019

Aug 2019

"Touch" building: fake companies, "fraud" and "theft" of public money

VDL News August 08, 2019

Aug 2019

Financial audit on «Touch Building»: worthless?

AL Akhbar newspaper August 07, 2019

Aug 2019

Haj Hassan: Minister of Communications procedures resulted in saving $ 70 million ofəv Translations of of PrepositionFrequency من of, from بشأن about, of بسبب for, owing to, of, at فيما يتعلق on, of, respecting بخصوص concerning, of, in connection with من فستان من الصوف of Definitions of of Preposition 1 expressing the relationship between a part and a whole. the sleeve of his coat 2 expressing the relationship between a scale or measure and a value. an increase of 5 percent 3 indicating an association between two entities, typically one of belonging. the son of a friend 5 more definitions Examples of of it's our only hope of finding them 29 more examples

Mulhak Website August 05, 2019

Aug 2019

"This case is a scandal" .. Jamil al-Sayed reveals other secrets about the building "Touch"!

Lebanon 24 Website August 05, 2019

Aug 2019

Choucair buys the «Touch» building for $ 75 million ... and AL-Sayyed accuses him of theft

AL Akhbar newspaper August 02, 2019