Bribes for Army Lieutenant's Academy in the Army

Al Kalima Online Website August 11, 2017

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Apr 2019

Millions of Dollars in the Account of the Accused Lieutenant in the "Army Academy" Scandal

Lebanon Files Website April 08, 2019

Apr 2019

From the "Army Academy" Scandal to the judicial roll out: The accused lieutenant came out with millions of dollars

Lebanon Debate Website April 04, 2019

Dec 2017

The indictment in the "Army Academy" Scandal: the money was paid to an "unknown"?

El Nashra December 16, 2017

Sep 2017

Release of the Lieutenant accused with the "Army Academy" scandal

Lebanon Debate Website September 22, 2017

Sep 2017

"Army Academy" Scandal on its way to be buried!

Al Akhbar Newspaper September 20, 2017

Aug 2017

After the "Army Academy" .. The officer is the hero of the a Visa scandal!

Lebanon Debate Website August 12, 2017