Public Servants

New Public administrations' hiring after 2017 in violation to law

MTV News October 26, 2019

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In progress
Mar 2019

Employing 5 thousand people in violation of the law

Al Bayan Lebanon March 06, 2019

Feb 2019

The start of the investigation of the employment of thousands in the public sector contrary to the law - «Central Inspection» report talked about 4695 employees

ِAl Aawsat Newspaper February 27, 2019

Feb 2019

Kanaan: 15200 between employees and contractors were dealt with outside the job description required

Annahar Newspaper February 27, 2019

Feb 2019

Random employment scandal before the Money Committee

Kataeb.Org February 23, 2019

Dec 2018

The scandal of the illegal recruitment of five thousand ... involved and disputing?

LBCI December 06, 2018

Oct 2018

Scandals of the Lebanese state.. in numbers!

MTV News October 26, 2018

Oct 2018

Political employment scandals: random, quotas and corruption

Al Liwaa Newspaper October 26, 2018

Oct 2018

Kanaan: The talk of employing 5,000 people during the election period in public administrations is inaccurate

LBCI October 01, 2018